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Hello you beautiful human and welcome to Zofia Flow! 
My name is Sophie and I am the proud founder/owner of this wonderfully growing community. 

I am extremely passionate about my moto: a happy bod starts with a happy mind. We work on BOTH together here at ZF.

A little bit of back story on why I'm so passionate about this: I haven't always been a happy mind & happy bod. In the past I've struggled drastically with mental health and have been 25-30kg heavier than I am today. I was unhealthy & unhappy.

However, over the past few years I've learnt & taught myself what feels like a lifetime of knowledge on how to be the best version of myself and how to have that happy mind, happy bod, & happy life - all the damn time. And now I am so beyond excited to teach & share that with all of you!

I found Pilates in 2021 & I was obsessed instantly. My life hasn't been the same since! The feeling I got from those beautiful movements, that focus on my breath for 45-60 minutes & that connection with my body & mind. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. & the SHAKES that came with it, OOF. I knew I was hooked for life over that feeling, not to mention the benefits it had on my mild scoliosis, my intense neck pain from poor posture, & my mental health (EMPHASIS on the mental health). I also started to notice how STRONG & powerful I felt, unlike other forms of exercise that drained my energy & made me sluggish & fatigued. It wasn't long until I had my ZF vision & knew this was something I had to pursue & share with others, with a few little Zofia twists on the side of course.


Zofia Flow is a way of creating a community of happy minds and happy bods, & it all starts with getting your ass to class & joining me in the ZF way of life (which truely will be your new fave thing).

Our studio is located on Cnr Duchess & Queen St, Busselton WA, 6280. Get started on your new ZF way of life with our Pilates Intro Offer! Bookings made via our app "Glofox" or through the "Timetable" page here.




The classes for everyone.

Our original flow classes. 45 mins of delicious flow on the mat OR reformer. Suitable for each and every body; we take traditional Pilates and add a few Zofia spices to it into it - but it's up to you how spicy you make it! We will cue all sorts alterations for those who are more advanced or less advanced to ensure we tailor to everyone in the studio. The classes for ALL bodies.

Mum's & Bub's

A reformer class with mumma & bub

Mumma's Mat

A pregnancy friendly & Bub friendly mat class

Pre & Post natal classes for new mumma's, mumma's to be & of course dad's that want to bring their bub/young child to an accessible & inclusive fitness class.


Stretch n' Flow

Let's take it back to basics.

45 minutes of Slow Flow, taking us through the Fundamentals of Pilates and all the way into the nitty gritty parts of the body with postural work, spinal articulation exercises, lumbo-pelvic control work & so much more. Perfect for beginners, for those coming out of injuries or post natal, or those who just want to learn a little bit about how we can use Pilates to get our bodies feeling better and stronger than ever. Our Slow Flow classes are also just oh so satisfying, try it once and you'll absolutely be back for more.


Get down on the mat for YOU.

We have 3 Styles of Yoga on our schedule, including:

Yin - slow, long held stretches & relaxation.

Vinyasa - a more intense flow of poses to test strength & stability.

Yoga Flow - a bit of both. A smooth flowing class starting with Vin, working down to Yin.


Circuit Sweat

This one's going to get HOT!

A fun take on Pilates, using all areas of the studio! 3 groups, 3 rounds, all timing. A super fun way to get on the reformer & the mat in the same class! Your instructor will demonstrate all of your exercises that are written up for each group to refer back to throughout each round. 3 different stations of exercises, moving through it all together under the clock. BYO towel.

*Barre to be added soon.

Total Tone

Hello legs!

Jump classes on your reformer machine. With the use of reformer jump boards, find a fast paced class with lots of cardio, lots of legs, lots of glutes & lots of core. Get your heart rate up & enjoy a super loud, super fun & super affective Pilates class.

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