Don't walk, SPRINT. Summer is just around the corner baby! & we've got just the thing to get you there ASAP...


1st Nov - 30th Nov 2022



& we are BACK WITH ANOTHER CHALLENGE. The last one was so much fun, let's do it again. This time with a short n spicy SPRINT into Summer. This is one you won't want to miss... get your butt into action & you could win over $350 worth of prizes!


- 25 ZF classes (any class style besides Slow Flow/Yoga)

- 5 Slow Flow/Yoga classes

You will receive a template to put up on the wall in studio, & you will be responsible for putting your sticker on at the end of each class. 



- 1 month of VIP Unlimited membership at Zofia Flow 

- $100 voucher to your fave activewear brand! You decide x


- Double up’s are more than welcome (completing multiple classes in a day)

- Slow Flow/Yoga classes are not counted in your 25 ZF classes to complete, these are seperate & you just have (at least) 5 to complete (lil hint - if it’s close at the end, it might help win if you’ve done extra of these!).

- You are in charge of putting your stickers up, don’t forget after or before class!


Keep in mind: late cancelling or cancelling your classes in general will deduct points when picking a winner. The winner will be decided on by the most dedicated & fair played contestant.


MEMBERS - this challenge is free for you! Get in touch with Soph via socials or text on 0428 833 502 to sign up.

NON MEMBERS - one time payment of $240 to receive Unlimited classes for the 30 days over the challenge (01/11 - 30/11). + also receive a bonus free pair of your own MoveActive grip socks which you will need for your classes! 

*Purchase this on the "buy now" link at the top of this page. Your payment will come out straight away, but your membership won't start until Nov 1st & will end Nov 30th. This is a non-refundable transaction & is only valid for the dates of this challenge. This package is not transferable between individuals & can only be used by the person's who's account purchased it.

Get signed up, warmed up, & ready to sprint into Summer my loves x