BEAUTY, let’s redefine.

What do we think when we hear the word beauty? Fancy clothes? Freshly done nails? The perfect shade of lipstick? …I have a little bit of a different view & definition of the word.

Beauty is all around us. Within us. The human experience & the human body is one of pure beauty & is so uniquely amazing in every being. Humans are so stunningly beautiful in their own way, & it’s once we realise this that we realise we, ourselves, are actually the exact definition of the word beauty. It is genuinely part of the human experience that we are all beautiful beings & have these features & parts of us, on the outside & the inside, like no other that makes us so attractive & so beautiful. That is if we choose to see this beauty however.

Insecurities about appearances exist purely just from word of mouth - we believe what we hear in society. Someone says beauty is "having abs" or "having perfect, shiny hair". But what makes this beauty when you really think about it? This works in turn, if someone says that having green hair is the ‘epitome of beauty’ & then people start to dye their hair green & say the same. Eventually our eyes adjust & we all believe yes having green hair is epitome of beauty!! - weird example, but you get my point. We believe what we are told & believe what we see from society. When in reality - there is no such thing as an exterior ugly. Only interior.

What we project from the inside, is how we can be viewed on the outside. All humans are given an extremely beautiful body & temple, no matter what shape or size, & it is up to us if we decide to project that beauty or not. We create it from the inside out with compassion & love, & once you realise this, you start to see beyond what you’ve been subconsciously wired to think about how we define beauty. Colours become brighter, the world looks different, more vibrant, more beautiful. You automatically become a happier person by nature as well, now that you can see the beauty all around you. A personal example of this in my life - when I think back to a sadder time in my life when insecurities flooded my brain every single day, I view those memories are a dull grey colour, almost like a dimmer light was covering my eyes. Compared to my memories from the past year or so of feeling good, feeling myself, & knowing these realisations around beauty to be true, my memories are bright in colour & I genuinely see the world in a brighter, more vibrant light. & I look better, I look more attractive & get comments all the time that I’m “glowing”, etc. just from deciding that yes I want my inside beauty to be shown throughout as I know we all can. Humans are ATTRACTIVE, our physicality is amazing & we should all flaunt exactly what we have & focus on that to be the best version of ourselves.

So, what’s your definition of beauty?

With this mindset, we can really knock down those barriers & see clear as day the beauty & the ugly for what it really is. You start to love yourself more & realise the beauty in every piece of you, working solely on your perspective, your internal self, working to do everything you do with compassion & passion. Suddenly people start to notice your glow, notice your beauty.

A little exercise to practise your view on this:

Sit down on the ground wherever you are right now. (Record this aloud to play back & close your eyes if you like - or just read & picture in your mind) I want you to imagine you are the only human in the entirety of existence. It’s just you, the universe, the plants, & the animals. You are the only set of human eyes, the only pair of hands, the only set of organs & muscles, the only beating heart. You were put here with the sole purpose to see beauty. To understand what it truly is, & to understand it is all around you. It is you. There is no one else in existence, therefore no other opinions or thoughts but the ones you decide to make right now. You look around, you see the grass, the trees, the vibrant blue skies. You then look over & see a large mirror to the side of you. You look straight into the mirror at the only human in existence. Completely organic in all its nature. You see how different the human species is to the rest, how attractive the human species is. You see how you stand out from the rest; what an attractive creator with attributes like no other! Such potential in one being, & an all knowing brain so intelligent it can project so much good in this world.

Now smile at yourself & understand that this is how you see true beauty, your beauty. It is a feeling from within that shines throughout. You were given this body to create your own definition of beauty & you understand it really can be a choice to make your experience in this world as beautiful as you want it to be.

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