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CONSISTENCY truly is key.

We’ve all heard the saying. Consistency is key. Why have we all heard it? Because it’s TRUE.

Moving our bodies makes us feel good, makes our body function/feel better, literally makes us live longer & happier lives. But sporadically moving our body & never getting rid of the sore muscles - doesn't feel so good. Don’t get me wrong, ANY movement is a win moment & a pat on the back moment. But we want to get addicted to it, we want to feel GOOD after every movement. We don’t want to not be able to sit on the toilet without clenching onto the walls to lower us down because our ass is on fire from yesterdays Pilates class that we just attend every now & then. Every. Single. Time. We love not being able to sit on the toilet because we've put in the WORK, but we don't want to feel like that every single time, do we? In order to build strength, we need to get past that initial soreness & then continue to build on those muscles, activating the muscles & moving the body consistently. This is where the results & the rewards come from.

We miss out on that mind & body satisfaction & BEAUTIFUL addiction towards movement (Pilates especially, once you start it's hard not to get addicted, I am telling you (but I may be bias x)).

Now, this does not mean you have to sign up as a VIP weekly member & come to class every single day - absolutely not if that’s not going to work for you! This means you move your body & activate your muscles consistently in a way that works for you. You’ll need to have a conversation with yourself about what that looks like. Love your one ZF Pilates class on a Saturday morning but don’t want to/can’t commit to coming during the week? That's OK - take everything in from your one class & then continue to move throughout the week until your next class. Listen & take note of the movements & learn how to properly engage the right muscles, the right positions & the right techniques. Add in just 10 mins a day at home to think about these things & even just do some stretches for 10 minutes, do a couple of the exercises from your one class at home & practise those techniques & movements! Get a 30 minute walk in daily, go for a run if that suits you better during the week, or you could even do a different class from Pilates if you like to mix it up (maybe a spin class, a yoga class, an at home YouTube workout - anything!). Just getting that movement through the body consistently is going to help your motivation stay high, your body get stronger at a MUCH faster pace, & we won’t be saying “Soph, I can’t walk the day after every class! Why does this hurt so much!?”. It hurts because your muscles are being shocked & absolutely hammered for that 45-60 mins, & then we go off & don’t willingly activate or build on them for the next week or so.

So yes, consistency IS key. We’ve all heard it because it’s trueee!

So if you can commit to 3 or more sessions a week with me (or with yourself at home! I’m just here to help if you need - plus we have more fun at ZF x), I promise you’ll feel stronger & more capable of anything. You’ll get that delicious pilates (or movement) addiction & will feel sooo gooooddd, not just in your body, but in your